2011 #3

Our team members chose to take the extensive rubric back to their classrooms and try it out.  We all knew it was too long and involved, but wanted to be sure to include everything we thought of as important for students as we moved into the 21st century.  - Comprehensive or unwieldly! - We knew both applied.

Jake Bogar, wrote a self assessment format for students based on the big ideas incorporated in the rubric.  It follows.  

  1. I demonstrate upper level thinking, thoughtfully approach my content and demonstrate growth in my thinking.
  2. I supplement my original ideas with multimedia and demonstrate new ways of looking at ideas.
  3. I have substantial and sophisticated knowledge about the culture of technological environments and can participate fully in these forums.
  4. I have an insightful understanding of the way technology impacts my own and others’ worldviews.
  5. I respectfully listen, interact, discuss and pose questions to all members of the team during discussions and help direct the group in reaching consensus.
  6. I actively look for and suggest solutions to problems.
  7. I consistently makes necessary compromises to accomplish common team goals.
  8. All my team members contributed equally to the finished project.
  9. I value the knowledge, opinions and skills of all group members and encourage their participation.
  10. I help my team identify necessary changes and encourage group action for change.
  11. I work toward group goals without prompting and willingly participate in needed changes.
  12. I am aware of how my actions and the actions of my country exert influence globally and I seek to understand the global impact of my personal actions and act accordingly.
  13. I have an excellent understanding of the ways in which culture impacts decision-making of specific nations/groups and my understandings take into account multiple cultural perspectives.
  14. I understand – beyond grade-level expectations – how economies impact each other and I can think critically about political/ social/ environmental issues raised by economic interdependence.
  15. I am highly knowledgeable about specific cultural beliefs, values, and sensibilities that might affect the way that I and others think or behave.
  16. I have substantial knowledge of history of both mainstream and non-mainstream American cultures, and the history of other nations. I have a sophisticated understanding of how these histories have impacted relationships among groups.
  17. I almost always communicate, interact, and work positively with individuals from other cultural groups and I seek opportunities to learn from diverse perspectives.
  18. I regularly use technology to gain access to individuals or resources from other cultures and these efforts are generally motivated by interest and exceed course requirements.

This is comprehensive as well as reflective. 

 Students will need to have these descriptors modeled for them - followed by collaborative discussions focusing on individual practices and understandings in each area.

Although this language is written for high school teachers, I encourage teachers of all grade levels to take a look and think about how the descriptors can be re-written as age appropriate.  

Thank you Jake.

We encourage everyone to share their thoughts and ideas on the content found on this site.  

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