2011 #6

Here is a Guided Inquiry Unit written by Jake Bogar.  Enjoy!

Freshman Astronomy Guided Inquiry Unit

Unit Goals
  1. Learn the most accepted scientific theories about the formation and possible fate of the universe.
  2. Be more aware of the scope and size of the universe.
  3. Understand the basic forces that govern the motion and organization of objects in the universe.
  4. Learn how stars are formed and move through a life cycle.
  5. Understand how our solar system was formed.
  6. Discover different ways in which information about space is gathered.

Student Blog Assignments
  1. Extend KWL posts related to the 6 unit goals throughout the unit
    1. What do I know about astronomy? 10/14
    2. What do I want to know about astronomy? 10/14
    3. How do I find out about astronomy?
    4. What did I learn about astronomy?
    5. How will I use what I learned about astronomy in my life?
    6. What will I do next time I research a topic?
  2. Frayer Model for astronomy vocabulary (Brainboard photo) 10/20
  3. Reflection Task 1 based on pg 129 of Kuhlthau et al. 11/1 & worked in library
  4. Summative Research Topic Post - Format -5 paragraph Essay 12/08/10

Selected posts will be self-assessed and teacher-assessed with a student blogging rubric that was modified from EDU 593 teacher blogging rubric.

Checklist for students in student-friendly language
Have your computer read your blog post to you. Listen for run-on sentences... (use buds)
Revise your post

Peer-review - Pair them yours
    1 positive observation
    1 constructive suggestion

Math Connections
- Negative Integers
- Exponents
- Scientific Notation for scale perspectives
- Site building plan
- Solar system walk
- Powers of 10 clips, new example, original movie

Techniques to integrate
- Use of find student function on Powerteacher to compare class lists

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