Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Although we missed the date for Digital Learning Day, I agree with the author. This should be a year long celebration. Enjoy. Courtesy of ASCD Smart Brief.

How to celebrate Digital Learning Day all year
Digital Learning Day -- an initiative organized by the Alliance for Excellent Education -- is Friday. In this commentary, Marcia Powell, an instructional coach and curriculum consultant, notes that the topic is too big to be "confined to one day or one activity." She shares several ways schools can integrate Digital Learning Day themes throughout the year. Education Week Teacher (tiered subscription model) (3/10)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Art Costa is one of my favorite thinkers of our time. Here is a great resource from him addressing content versus inquiry. Enjoy. Courtesy of ASCD Smart Brief.

Make it a habit of mind
"You have to give up the idea that acquiring content is the main goal of education," writes ASCD author Art Costa. What does a culture of responsible risk taking look like? How do schools make room for mistakes? In a recent video, Costa shares why risk taking is essential to success. Watch the video.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Inquiry as a form of assessment? Here is a article on gaming as assessment. I think the rationale is a strong one. See if it might be a fit for you and your parents. Courtesy of ASCD Smart Brief

The gamified classroom
"Imagine the psychological impact of calling a quiz a quest," writes ASCD Education Update author Kathy Checkley. In her March Education Update article, Checkley explains how elements of gaming -- even gaming language -- can motivate students to achieve mastery. She also shares tips for integrating game play into almost any lesson. Read on.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Students need to learn to ask questions in order to engage in guided inquiry. Here is a great resource to help students learn to question. Notice the section they have on technology and collaboration. Courtesy of ASCD Smart Brief.

Are your students stuck in "answer" gear? Q Tasks helps you develop a questioning culture and empower students to think critically, with 103 activities on curiosity, question types, building good questions, comprehension, opinions, interviews, surveys, writing, and more. The new edition incorporates technology tools and collaborative learning.

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