Monday, April 8, 2013

CCSS has embedded inquiry throughout the standards. Research is crucial for the 21st century. Here are some resources for teaching younger students the process of researching - courtesy of Choice Literacy.

Here are two takes on teaching research skills from the Choice Literacy archives.
Julie Johnson uses the Family History Inquiry Project to build research skills and community at the same time in her first-grade classroom:
The mother and daughter team of authors Sofia Headley and Justina Chen Headley share Research Advice for Teens Writing Fiction:
If you're nervous about young students searching freely on the wild wild web, you might want to try Sweet Search, a search tool that includes only websites evaluated and approved by educators in the results:
Mary Beth Hertz considers the challenges of helping students learn to do online research over at Edutopia:
Join Franki Sibberson for the online three-week course Becoming a Tech-Savvy Literacy Teacher offered April 3 - 17. This interactive course includes three webinars, Franki's newest book, a professional development DVD, and an introduction to scores of resources on the web to integrate into reading and writing workshops. For more details and to register online, visit this link:

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