Monday, December 24, 2012

Educator: Teaching students how to conduct online research is a must - Guided Inquiry!! - Courtesy of SmartBrief!

Having students learn how to find the right information quickly and efficiently online is an important responsibility of 21st-century teaching, educator Terry Heick writes in this blog post. Heick describes how search engines, such as Google, work and explains the need for teachers to help students find the right search terms for their projects. "And finding the right information at the right time can be as challenging as finding just the right word for a poem or the right song for an occasion," Heick writes. Heick's blog (12/19)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Should computer science have a place in the common core? - Many of our goals in the common core refer to the use of technology. Take a look and see what you think. /courtesy of ASCD SmartBrief.

Two education outreach professionals at Google say there isn't enough focus on computer science in the Common Core State Standards or the Next Generation Science Standards. Google's Maggie Johnson, director of education and university relations, and Jordan Lloyd Bookey, head of K-12 education outreach, in this blog post urge parents, educators and the public to learn more about the common core and advocate for a higher profile for computer science in the new standards. "Advancing our students' understanding of the principles and practices of computing is critical to developing a globally competitive workforce for the 21st century," they write. The Huffington Post/The Blog (12/7)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Moving education into the 21st century - courtesy of ASCD SmartBrief

  • a great article that focuses on some important points!

  • Today's students need to be prepared for a 21st-century workforce, yet they are being educated in a 20th-century manner, writes Howard Elias, president and chief operating officer of EMC Information Infrastructure and Cloud Services. In this blog post, he advocates for the flipped instructional model as the solution to transforming the classroom and the way students learn information. Forbes (11/27) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story