Monday, August 27, 2012

Implementing a global service-learning project - Courtesy of ASCD

Educators can add a global aspect to their service-learning project by looking for the global implications of an existing project or by choosing a project -- such as poverty or the environment -- that's inherently global, writes guest blogger Heather Singmaster. In this blog post, she provides steps for implementing a globally focused service-learning project, including setting learning objectives, research, implementation, reflection and follow-up. As they participate in the project, Singmaster writes, help students see themselves as responsible citizens, not heroes. Education Week/Global Learning blog

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Visual literacy is a large part of using the internet. This blog post is very infromative. Enjoy, courtesy of ASCD Smartbrief

A guide to teaching visual literacy
Educator Mark Phillip describes a unit he taught on visual literacy and shares a step-by-step look at several of the unit's lessons. Students watch news reports, advertisements and political commercials to examine the facts, the images and music. "If kids are to make informed, free choices, we have to teach them to be critically conscious of all efforts to manipulate their thinking," Phillips writes.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The "unconference" way to help teachers learn about technology - courtesy of ASCD Smart Brief

This is a great post.  One of the challenges for technology in the classroom has been teacher reluctance to use the technology.  Here is a great approach.

Colorado instructional-technology director Monique Flickinger shares in this blog post her experience at her first "unconference" and offers 10 ideas for helping teachers learn about technology. Ideas include creating short podcasts showing teachers using tech tools with students, tweeting quick tips to teachers, teaching each grade level a different mobile application, and having tech "smackdowns" by taking time to share information on apps and Web tools at the end of staff meetings. Flickinger's blog