Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sinarmas Team

We are delighted to welcome Jane and Daniela!  They are two teachers from Sinarmas Academy.  Following are their bios.  Please check out the link to the blog below:}  

Dear Alison and Darlene,

The Grade 1 read your Winthrop A-Z book and loved it. I made a short film of them reading it. I put it on the school iPads.

You asked if you could share about Daniela and I on your blog. Here is a short bio about us:

Daniela Catta
Daniela is currently a Grade 1 teacher and Grades 1-3 Team Leader at Sinarmas World Academy.  She graduated from the University of Melbourne in Australia with a major in Linguistics.  Daniela has worked as a teacher in Australia, Italy, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia.  Emotional Intelligence is Daniela's interest in the field of education.  Her teaching philosophy centers around multiple intelligences for both the teacher and the student.  Daniela has taught in the I.B. program for 4 years and believes passionately in what the program advocates.  Her favourite food is ice-cream and she has a pet dog called Hotaru.

Jane Ross
Jane is a Grade 5 teacher and Technology Coach at Sinarmas World Academy in Indonesia. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator class of 2008, an Apple Professional Development Consultant and currently on the ADE  Asia Advisory board. Jane holds a Masters in Education Technology from Australia. She loves inquiry learning through a muti-sensory approach so that the key concepts can be better understood by the learners. Jane utilizes technology in her teaching to personalize the learning and help the students to collaborate and reflect. Jane regularly posts to her blog and you can find her on Twitter: @janeinjava

We are thinking of making something about tropical fruit to send to you. We will do this in a couple of weeks after the student-led conferences have finished. The kids here really liked reading your book so perhaps we might make a book for the iPad. Do you have iPads at your school?



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