Monday, February 6, 2012

We are excited about the contact with our friends at Sinarmas scheduled for February 8. This article supports what we are doing in U.S. education - but suggests we expand to include international partnerships, collaboration, etc. It is a god read and supports our work with Sinarmas.

  • Is American education in a state of crisis?
    The most recent issue of ASCD Express -- on countering the negative spin on education -- features ASCD author Yong Zhao's Talks with an Author interview. In the talk, Zhao discusses his book, Catching Up or Leading the Way: American Education in the Age of Globalization, and points out what the U.S. has done right. He also explores factors that he says need to be addressed in order to improve the U.S. education system and emphasizes that the we should look for new ways to initiate international partnership, create opportunities for collaboration, and develop new technologies. Watch the recorded interview. LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

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