Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Blog from BPI!

To My Readers,

As we move forward as a nation, implementing the common core, many educators are not being informed about the process or resources available.

Common core will dictate extensive changes in the classroom.

In an effort to support educators, I have created a new blog where I will post information and resources as soon as it becomes available.  

I will post information applicable to all grade levels and content areas.
Please don't hesitate to sign up as a follower and share your thoughts with us.
Together we can make a difference.

Why Social Studies Matters Courtesy of ASCD Express

In keeping with our focus on cultural literacy, here is some information from ASCD Express on the importance of Social Studies - something we see being reduced nationally.  Take a look and see what you think.
Social studies, which includes history, geography, and civics, among other fields, is an integral part of a well-rounded education. In fact, many top-achieving nations around the world, like Finland, South Korea, and Japan, recognize the importance of social studies by giving it proper weight in the K–12 curriculum.

In the United States, however, social studies supporters fear that the narrow focus on reading and math in policy debates will further sideline social studies, potentially cheating students not only of their past, but also of the knowledge they need to fully exercise their role in the civic life of the nation.

Yet advocates of social studies are trying to hold the line. For example, nonprofit groups like the National Coalition for History are urging legislators to oppose cutbacks to Teaching American History grants, the only federal program that funds K–12 history education.

And the National Council of Social Studies, whose voices appear below, has a 90-year record of supporting educators in the social studies.
Two books from ASCD:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Unexpected lessons from global education

  • Here is a great article on lessons form around the globe - one of the areas we have focused on with our literacy and technology grant.  It has some surprising insights.  See what you think!
    There are valuable lessons we as educators can learn from elite education systems that produce high test scores. But what about the lessons we can learn from developing nations? In a recent ASCD Express column, Douglas Reeves, ASCD author and founder of the Leadership and Learning Center, suggests we direct our attention to the education successes of Oman, Zambia, and beyond. Read on. LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story