Friday, September 2, 2011

Great New Tools for Classrooms!! Take a Look:) Let us know if anyone is using them. We love suggestions:)


Glogster EDU
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&"nbsp;"Named an EdNET's Best "Teachers Selecet" for 2011
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What is Glogster EDU? Take a tour.  
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All-new Blackboard CollaborateTM 11 is here! And we couldn't be more pleased with all the positive feedback. Here are just some of the resources to help you learn more about the wide spectrum of collaboration choices and powerful new capabilities:
  • Hear CEO Michael Chasen talk about all-new Blackboard Collaborate (View video)
  • Learn more about our customer-driven development (View video)
  • Look who's talking about Blackboard Collaborate 11 (View new video testimonials)
  • View Blackboard Collaborate 11: Better Together webinar (Play recording)
  • See Blackboard Collaborate 11 in Action video series (View videos)
Take a look. Then sign up for a free 30-day trial and see for yourself how Blackboard Collaborate can help you build a better education experience - for everyone!

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