Thursday, July 15, 2010


Thanks to Barbara Moody,  we have just been awarded year 3 of our title ll grant. 

Thanks to all who contributed so much over the last two years. 

Our work is making a difference for Maine students!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rubrics for Blogs - How to best use them!

 Earlier this year Jake Bogar and Hattie Deraps presented a webinar for the state of Maine, Title II.   During the presentation they explored the pros and cons of blogging for students.  One of the challenges all teachers face, is how to evaluate blogs in order to help students grow.  The issue is clouded by the  common misconception that blogging is "just writing." It involves much more given the medium.  Following is a blogging rubric I am using with the teachers in EDU 593.  I think it outlines those qualities that make blogging more than "just writing."

You will notice the categories use specific descriptors in categories, providing guidelines for teachers and students.

Also, take a few moments and think about the last category.  Its focus is community of practice.

While the rubric provides a method of scoring, I think the rubric is most effective as a guide for bloggers to monitor and direct their own growth - causing them to reflect on their own learning.

There are many approaches to the use of a rubric.  Here is an article outlining a few:

  ' How are you going to grade this?' Classroom Blogs.

Enjoy.  I hope you find some useful ideas for your classroom.