Saturday, December 11, 2010

Librarian and Classroom Teacher Collaborate!

Information literacy is one of the most pertinent for the 21st century.

Information literacy requires student participation - the active searching/sorting/comprehending of information.

Ideally, the librarian and teacher team teach - a content area specialist and a media specialist.  This is the case in the Rumford Elementary school where Eileen Broderick is the librarian.

Every year she works with teachers to complete units on researching animals.

Interestingly enough, collaboration is equally important in the 21st century.  Teachers model this format and then students work in small groups.

This model can be used at any level.

Jacob Bogar, science teacher at Mt. Blue High School, takes a group of students to the school library to research in a guided inquiry unit.

Lisa Darymple collaborates with a technology instructor in her Spanish class where students are engaging in guided inquiry.

This type of reflection is key to processing the massive amount of information being presented to us through the global internet.

Guided inquiry requires active participation on the students' part and leads to engagement.

Engagement leads to rigor - a link teachers often overlook.

Following is a graphic that explains that illustrates the link between the two.  It was prepared by Dr. Valerie Dickerson.

Take a look.  These activities are easily embedded in classroom instruction.

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