Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goodbye to Jakarta

Today is my final day in Jakarta.  I met with an assembly of parents this morning and reviewed the literacy assessment information they will be receiving as well as what they can do to help their students with literacy - in their mother tongue and in English.  We had an excellent turn out.

Following are some more pictures of the staff and students in the academy.  Note that the layout of the school is purposefully designed to promote conversation and collaboration.  

Classes are small ranging from 7-23.  

Most students are non-English speakers.  

Indonesian teachers teach alongside English speaking teachers and special classes for Chinese are offered. 

Children learn to speak, read, and write - Chinese, English, and Balinese.

Part of performing arts center -

art, dance, music, and drama are important elements of the school curriculum.

Second Graders

Second Grade Reading Assessment - in English

"Cafeteria" - here it is referred to as the piazza - Montessori's influence

Small group interaction ...
the beginning of collaboration!

Collaboration between adults and students...eye to eye and knee to knee.

Children everywhere ...

regardless of age...

and language...

Love Stories!

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