Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday, Here.

I apologize to my readers for being tardy with my posts.  This week has been hectic, but rewarding.  I have learned a great deal from students and teachers alike.  

Today, I spent time at the new school that is being opened in down town Jakarta.  I would like to share today with you and create a lengthier post this weekend on the week at the Sinarmas Academy in BSD City.

The new school opened this year and is located on the 8th floor of a business building.  It was begun as a request from parents to create a branch of the Sinarmas Academy closer to their homes.  This is understandable when you consider the traffic situation here.  It sometimes takes 4 hours to go 15 miles during the rush hours.


The school itself is located on the main street of Jakarta in a fairly affluent area.

Like all of Indonesia, the affluent is alongside the poverty stricken.

As always,  security is tight.

Because of the location of the school, students have recess outside on a balcony fenced in with plexi-glass.            

 The students begin here in the toddler session - 16 months - for half days. 

Students are then grouped, 3/4 and 4/5 - all half days.

Some come to school with their Nannies.

This is my bud, Albert. 

He is shy and hesitant to talk -

but he loves to sing:)

Students then go to first grade - the last grade in the building.

There are 13 in this grade.  

The other grades have about 5-8.

The school is all about language.  

Children learn to speak:  Indonesian, English, and Chinese!

Here are some of the resources available to teachers and students alike.

Discovery Tunnel


 Today I worked with teachers on literacy assessment.  
We had readers early 5's and on.

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